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In The Lonely Streets of Sapulpa
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Promotion DCO (Vivianverse)
Theme Song
Last Event DCO Not An Easy Kill
Next Event DCO Kiss From a Rose

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Tim Hutto and Richard Holliday vs Margaritaville (Slab Puente and Daryl Queerstreet Tag Match
2 Craven Moorehead (c) vs Rip Beefgnaw DCO Television Championship
3 Grab Power and Rooster Lovesauce (c) vs The Chaperone and Big Bill Studebaker DCO Tag Team Championship
4 Sebastian Cruise vs Detective John Kimble Number One Contender's Match (DCO World Championship)
5 Bryce Kanyon vs Dwanda Washington vs Adam Edge vs Haduken vs Derek The V Extreme vs Rod Reed vs Bastion Goodhand vs Campbell vs Dan Doomsday vs Chris Hardy vs DEFAULT vs Road Dogg in a Ref Shirt Battle Royal to determine the first ever DCO Oklahoman Champion
6 Rod Queerstreet (c) vs Lonestarr DCO World Heavyweight Championship
7 Frank Garrett vs Guns of the Patriots (Art Fistmouth and Gaylord Queerstreet) Ladder Match: If Frank wins, GOTP must disband. If GOTP wins, Frank Garrett must join them.

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