The Money in the Bank is a multi-person ladder match, The prize in the match is a briefcase containing a contract for a championship match, which can be "cashed in" by the holder of the briefcase at any point in the year following their victory. 


Year Event Prize Winner Other competitors
2017 The Running Man DCO World Championship The Son of a Bitch Derek The V Extreme and Dwanda Washington

Cash-in matches

No. Case Holder Championship Event Results
1 The Son of a Bitch DCO World Championship Blood, Shit, and Cum I The Son of a Bitch defeated Dinero En Efectivo by hitting him with the briefcase to win the championship following Efectivo victory in an Triple Threat Match.

Participant list

Wrestler Victories Appearances
The Son of a Bitch 1 1
Derek The V Extreme 0 1
Dwanda Washington 0 1