DCO Oklahoman Championship
Oklahoman Championship
Current champion(s) Vacated
Date Won June 15th, 2018
League DCO (Vivianverse)
Brand DCO (Vivianverse)
Introduced 2013
Most reigns Multiple superstars tied at 2 reigns
First Champion Chris Hardy
Last Champion
Longest Reign Bryce Kanyon (365 days)
Shortest Reign Bryce Kanyon, The X-Factor, Rooster Lovesauce (1 day)
Heaviest Champion Big Bill Studebaker
Lightest Champion Chris Hardy
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The DCO Oklahoman Championship is the second-tier championship in DCO. If you hold it, then you're one tough summabitch.

Originally introduced as the third-tier championship, it was elevated after being unified with the DCO Television Championship at DCO Presents Celine Dion's Greatest Hits.

Title HistoryEdit

Wrestler: Times: Date Won Days Held Notes:
Chris Hardy 1 6th March 2013 11 Won the title in a 12 Man Battle Royal to determine the inaugural champion at In The Lonely Streets of Sapulpa.
Rod Reed 1 16th March 2013 5 Defeated Chris Hardy at Dillon, You Son of a Bitch!.
Craven Moorehead 1 21st March 2013 35 Defeated Rod Reed and Daryl Queerstreet at The Fourth Reich.
Big Bill Studebaker 1 24th April 2013 114 Defeated Moorehead at And The Horse You Rode In On.
Title vacated due to diabetes complications.
Derek The V Extreme 1 15th August 2013 257 Won a Battle Royal for the vacant title at DCO Make it a Fight.
Distance Riley 1 28th April 2014 31 Defeated Derek.
Ed "The Strangler" Lewis 1 29th May 2014 62 Defeated Distance Riley at AWP Match-Up 36.
Title vacated due to carpal tunnel syndrome from masturbation.
Sambo Beefrock 1 29th July 2014 20 Defeated "Rockstar" Jere Forsythe and Clarence the Botanist.
Perry Oklahoma 1 18th August 2014 212 Defeated Sambo.
TJ Prophet 1 18th March 2015 34 Defeated Perry Oklahoma after he backstabbed all guys from behind with a steel chair . Then he goed for the table , lifted one guy and like his one favorite wrestler ,, Macho Man Randy Savage did Flying Elbow drop . Now he stared down against bullies , he was that guy who had judge in his hands . Cameras in lockeroom were there and recorded situation . He becomed a hero . Unfortunately for him director of school suspended him indefinetely . But wrestling journalist Drew Alexander after seeing what that kid did, proposed him to start new chapter in his life in wrestling school. TJ accepted.
Bryce Kanyon 1 20th April 2015 365 Defeated TJ Prophet and Rooster Lovesauce in a Ladder Match at Total Recall 2.
Strokeworthy 1 19th April 2016 29 Just one day before the one-year anniversary of Bryce Kanyon's Oklahoman Championship victory, he was defeated by Legs Strokeworthy at a house show.
Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson 1 17th May 2016 4 i don't fucking know.
Strokeworthy 2 20th May 2016 4 Won a battle royal at DCO Undefeatable
Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson 2 24th May 2016 84 Defeated Strokeworthy at DCO Brawl at the Mall
Title unified with the DCO Television Championship. The TV Title is made defunct and the Oklahoman Championship's lineage continues.
Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson 2 24th May 2016 84 Reign continued.
TJ Prophet 2 16th August 2016 46 Won a battle royal at DCO Presents an 8-Inch Cock
Fred Durst 1 1st October 2016 119 Defeated TJ Prophet at a live event.
REED 2 13th December 2016 180 Defeated Fred Durst at a live event.
Detective John Kimble 1 11th June 2017 2 Defeated REED where the loser has to spend a night in jail.
Meat Grinder Mike 1 13th June 2017 6 Won a 20-Man Battle Royal
Hungry Hungry Mellencamp 1 19th June 2017 14 Defeated Mike on a Webmatch.
Bryce Kanyon 2 2nd July 2017 1 Won a Battle Royal.
Dwanda Washington 1 3rd July 2017 6 Defeated Bryce Kanyon on a Webmatch.
Rooster Lovesauce 1 9th July 2017 1 Defeated Dwanda Washington in a Locker Room Brawl
Dwanda Washington 2 10th July 2017 2 Defeated Rooster Lovesauce
Devil Child 1 12th July 2017 3 Won a Battle Royal
The Son of a Bitch 1 15th July 2017 4 Defeated Devil Child
The X-Factor 1 19th July 2017 1 Defeated The SOB.
Lips Dolittle 1 20th July 2017 9 Defeated The X-Factor.
The X-Factor 2 29th July 2017 7 Defeated Lips at DCO Presents The Running Man
Sledge Bloworth 1 5th August 2017 162 Defeated X-Factor and Lips Dolittle at DCO Presents a Bottle of Jack
Haduken 1 14th January 2018 35 Defeated Sledge Bloworth at DCO Presents Blood, Shit, and Cum I
The Milk of Magnesia 1 17th February 2018 8 Defeated Haduken in a ladder match at a house show after scoring a pinfall.
Dwaylawn Mercer 1 25th February 2018 5 Defeated The Milk of Magnesia.
The Milk of Magnesia 2 2nd March 2018 105 Defeated Dwaylawn with a massive Double Axe Handle.
Craig Powers 1 15th June 2018 0 Defeated The Milk of Magnesia in a Parking Lot Brawl.
Title vacated after Craig Powers attempted to pawn the championship for quick cash.
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