The Sloppy End of My Fuckstick
Tagline(s) "I'm tired of all you rednecks calling." - Meat Grinder Mike
Promotion DCO (Vivianverse)
Theme Song
Last Event DCO Total Recall 2
Next Event DCO Cheeseburger in Paradise

Originally scheduled to take place in April 2015, The Sloppy End of My Fuckstick is a DCO CPV event scheduled to take place in May 2016.

The CardEdit

# Results Stipulations
1 Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson (c) def. TJ Prophet DCO Oklahoman Championship
2 Rooster Lovesauce and Cunt Maxwell def. Frank Garrett and Meat Grinder Mike (c) DCO Tag Team Championship
3 Distance Riley def. Bastion Goodhand, Chris Hardy, Adam Edge, Distance Riley, Lonestarr, Lips Dolittle, Corey Grundy, Derek, Richard Holliday, D'Lo Brown, Carl, and Hoss Vanderhuge Battle Royal to determine a Number One Contender to the DCO World Championship
4 Haduken def. Hungry Hungry Mellencamp (c) DCO Television Championship
5 Rip Beefgnaw def. Slab Puente, REED, and Brick Cannon Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the DCO World Heavyweight Championship