DCO Presents a Big Strong Motherfucker
Tagline(s) "You're gonna have a hell of a wictory, I PROMISE!" - Das Wunderkind, Alex Wright
Promotion DCO (Vivianverse)
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Last Event DCO Presents a Bottle of Jack
Next Event DCO Presents Blood, Shit, and Cum I

The Card

# Results Stipulations
1 Sledge Bloworth (c) def Cpl. Wilczynski DCO Oklahoman Championship
2 Distance Riley def Bastion Singles Match
3 Hoss Vanderhuge & Sulley "The Big Man" Anderson (c) def Planet Jarrett (Sgt. Hardin & Barberino) DCO Tag Team Championship
4 Jeff Jarrett (c) def Craven Moorehead, Wrestling Journalist Drew Alexander and Derek The V Extreme DCO World Championship
5 The Son of a Bitch def Detective John Kimble Singles Match
6 Art Fistmouth def Devil Child, Bob Holly, Destiny Anne Reed, Hungry Hungry Mellencamp, Black Ice, Dwanda Washington, Sharon Savage-Snell, Thunder Lang, Jack Hannock, Mr. Death, The X-Factor, Cunt Maxwell, Ass Hemmingway, Charles "Taint Licker" Morales, Conner Shagwell, Leopold Stainz, Bonecrusher Stevenson and Fake Danny Jackpot DCO World Championship #1 Contender's Battle Royal