Dynasty Caw Wrestling (DCW) is a CAW wrestling league founded on August 2016 by former AAC Commentator, "Throwback". The league is an up and coming wrestling promotion that is still gaining popularity through Throwback's youtube, "Offical DCW", where he uploads every Monday and Saturday under his 2 shows, Horizon(Monday) and Overdrive(Saturday).


Lets just say this was anonymously done and before any fingers get pointed, no, this is not AlanThunder63 because he doesn't have a vendetta for you. So don't go saying "Oh it was Justin!" "Justin did it!" Because he didn't. And I'm not going to be retarded and say "Oh it was Famous8742 or dukesofhzzrd03 or even totally72!" You're never going to find out who did this. To everybody reading this bullshit "DCW" wiki, DO NOT JOIN, if you want a chance at anything in the WWE 2K league world, find it in another league, "DCW" is just a setback for your career as a WWE 2K league wrestler. Thank you for reading.

P.S. DCW THROWBACK should get thrown back.

The fall of DCW

After DCW THROWBACK got thrown back into the box he came in, he fell off of the league map, he wasn't seen for years, until August 9th, 2017, where he would end up on the Monday News for drinking Mountain Dew flavored bleach.

Suck My Fucking Left Nut DCW Throwback

-Love Anonymous

DCW Championships


  • DCW Lionheart Championship: IXI Bale I 11 I


  • DCW Genesis Championship: DCW Legend
  • DCW Rampage Championship: T6 Toxic
  • DCW Television Championship: Diar Echo


  • DCW Tag Team Championships: TaKeDoW345 and DCW Victory (Borderline)

DCW Roster

Screenshot AcoBoM


  • B3ast 4 dayz104
  • Chronus v8
  • CMAC00785
  • DCW Gentleman
  • DCW Marvelous: 1x Legacy Champion
  • Finest Legend: 1x Exodus Champion (Current)
  • heroX127
  • I Houndz I
  • ImStillSUPERman
  • IXI Bale I 11 I: 1x Lionheart Champion (current) 1x DCW Breifcase winner
  • JP CashOut
  • King Street69
  • Man the Man48
  • MOBSTAR Devero
  • RagedWelshBoy
  • Ramen King22
  • STEPHEN69ss: 1x Genesis Champion
  • TaKeDoW345: 1x Tag Team Champion (current) 1x DCW Breifcase winner
  • Th3ReAlSaVaGe73: 1x Legacy Champion (current)
  • TheB3astGaming
  • xWFExPR0D1GY
  • xzBleachpowerxz

Horizon: qlpnxx
  • AlanThunder63: 1x Rampage Champion
  • CookiezLolz
  • Dark Dynasty xD
  • DCW Legend: 1x Genesis Champion (current)
  • DCW Victory: 1x Tag Team Champion (current)
  • DCW XRador: 1x Television Champion
  • DiAr Echo: 1x Television Champion (current)
  • Dylan8742
  • goods
  • Hes Crying
  • KingAwesome31
  • MECpro200: 1x Legacy Champion
  • QuitCryinBoy
  • Staniel Danley
  • T6 Toxic: 1x Rampage Champion (current)
  • TheWWEGamer619
  • xMVCx Trilogy Z

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