Match 1 Danny Jackpot def Drew Carey (c) for International title

Match 2 Johnny Rocker (c) def Link to retain DCWL Cruddyweight title

Match 3 Biff Andreas Def Ed Kewl for Hardcore title

Pizzi pins Biff to win Title

Match 4 Shawn Michaels def Pizzi (c) in a If Pizzi loses he must Retire Match for DCWL Hardcore title

Main Event Mike Tyson def Mr.T (c) and Zangief for DCWL Title


DCWL Battlefield 2 (This CPV was fans choice)

Match 1= Shetty def Michael Vick vs Chris Hansen vs Drew Carey for the Vacated DCWL Cruddyweight title

Match 2=Oshujax(c) def Random Fan from Crowd(Kid with the DX Sign) for NAW Hardcore title

Machojef pinned Oshujax

Link pinned Oshujax

Matt Mayhem pinned Link

Oshujax def Matt Mayhem to keep title for the night

James Porter(c) def TX3 for International title in a Hardcore Match

Sagat and Zangief def The Miz and John Black from URW

Miz never showed up because his room door was closed against a crate.Miz becomes free from crate after match and trys to attack Sagat and Zangief only for Sagat and Zangief to run. Miz would talk only to be attacked by Louis Payne.

Yao Ming def Louis Payne(c) for Extreme title in Graveyard match

Danny Jackpot(c) def Suspect for DCWL Title

Match was made a draw after Tikwan Coger from WCW attacked both men.

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