DCWL CAW Search was an tournament that hoped to bring in more talent into DCWL. The winner of the tournament would then have a match against the Winner of DCWL King of The Losers tournament, with the winner of the match getting an World Championship shot. The loser of this match would receive an International Championship shot.

The Competitors

The Tournament

  Quarter Final Semi Finals Final
  1  The Crippler Win  
8  Cowlex    
     The Crippler    
     Meddopahlm Win  
4  PFan  
  5  Meddopahlm Win  
     Inspector Shetty Win
  3  Fatty Ding Dongs    
6  Inspector Shetty Win  
     Inspector Shetty win
2  Swagger win
  7  Jason Matthews    


Fatty Ding Dongs would get an opportunity to take Shetty's contract away from him in a ladder match, but would come up short. Shetty would lose to the Winner of King of the Losers, Ryu, and would get a International Championship Title Match against Danny Jackpot. Shetty was able to defeat Jackpot and become DCWL International Champion.

The Crippler would go on to compete in NAW with moderate success. Cowlex and Swagg3r would both join the WEDF version of DCO, but Cowlex would later be released. Jason Matthews would go on to wrestle with OLW.

PFan would wrestle a couple of more shows with DCWL, and would win their NXT competition. He was released shortly afterwards.

Shetty would months later ask for his release thus making the CAW Search pretty pointless.

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