Collision Countdown is an annual CPV for DCWL the Rumble match itself consists of thirty men, beginning with the four men who chose entry numbers 1,2,3 and 4 in the ring.As a superstar is eliminated another enters only 4 superstars may be in the ring at any one point, one of the remaining 24 wrestlers enters the ring. Participants must eliminate all other opponents, and the winner of the event is the last wrestler remaining after all others have been eliminated.



# Results Stipulations
1 Bret Michaels(c) defeated Danny Jackpot(c) Singles match for the DCWL International Championship and DCWL Hardcore Championship
2 Ozzy defeated Michael Vick Singles match
3 Johnny Rocker© defeated Larry O Leone Singles match for Cruddyweight title
4 Mike Tyson © defeated Zangief Singles match for the DCWL World Title
5 Suspect last eliminated Chris Johansen to win Royal Rumble Match

Royal Rumble Results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by #
1 Mysto 8 Danny Jackpot 1
2 Bret Michaels 4 Mysto 3
3 James Bond 3 Bret Michaels
4 Bill Clinton 1 Bret Michaels
5 Larry It 2 Bret Michaels
6 Rambo 7 Jay Leno 1
7 Drew Carey 6 Mysto 1
8 Eminem 5 Rambo
9 Danny Jackpot 13 Rocky 2
10 Jay Leno 12 Danny Jackpot 4
11 Mr.T 10 Jay Leno
12 Michael Jackson 9 Jay Leno
13 Ozzy Osbourne 11 Jay Leno
14 Link 14 Charles Hanson
15 Rocky 18 Suspect 1
16 Sagat 17 Zangief 1
17 Charles Hanson 16 Zangief 1
18 Johnny Rocker 15 Sagat
19 Zangief 19 Ryu 2
20 Suspect WINNER 2
21 Larry O. Leone 21 Ryu
22 Ryu 23 Ed Kewl 4
23 Rick Astley 20 Ryu
24 Biff Andreas 24 Ed Kewl
25 Michael Vick 22 Ryu
26 Ed Kewl 25 Suspect 2
27 Chris Johansen 27 Suspect 1
28 Randy "The Ram" Robinson 26 Chris Johansen

Collision Countdown 2

DCWL Domination(Zangief and Machojef) def Team Tyson and Straight Jackson Society(Eminem and Dylan Connell) in 3 tag team Guantlet Match forVacated DCWL Tag titles

Sagat def Ryu in a Street Fight

Suspect def Michael Jackson in a Cage Match. Suspect won which means Straight Jackson Society is over but if Suspect would have lost he would have had to join Straight Jackson Society

Michael Vick def Sultan Shetty(c) for the DCWL Cruddyweight title in a Table Match

Lil Fly(c) def Louis Payne for DCWL Extreme Title in a I quit Match

Ed Kewl def TX3 in a Unsanctioned Match

Danny Jackpot(c) def Link in a TLC Match for DCWL Title. If Danny would have lost he would have lost his career and title.

Michael Vick won the 20 man Collision Countdown 2 Royal Rumble Match but Danny Jackpot changed it to a 24 man match and Johnny Rocker won but it was revealed James Bond was really impersonating Johnny making James Bond the actual winner.

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