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File:WWF Light Heavyweight Championship.jpg
Wrestler: Times Date Won Days Held Defeated
Johnny Rocker 1 November 22, 2009 55 Rick Astley in a Webmatch
Larry O Leone 1 January 16, 2010 29 Johnny Rocker in a 4 Man Battle Royal at DEC Mania
Charles Hansen 1 Febuary 14, 2010 20 Larry O Leone at CAW Battlefield
The Suspect 1 March 6, 2010 67 Chris Hansen in a Ladder Match at DCWL Downfall
Eminem 1 May 12, 2010 16 Suspect in a No Escape Cage Match at Hardcore Ressurection 2
The Suspect 2 May 28, 2010 48 Eminem during the DCWL Tournament 2010
Title Vacated on 15th July 2010
Sultan Shetty 1 August 3,2010 118 Chris Hansen,Drew Carey,Michael Vick DCWL Battlefield 2
Michael Vick 1 November 29 , 2010 213 Defeated Shetty at DCWL Collision Countdown 2
Daniel Bradson 1

June 30,


0+ Defeated Michael Vick at DCWL DEC MANIA 2.
DCWL closes it's doors.

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