DCWL Downfall was a CPV for CAW League for DCWL

The Suspect def Charles Hansen

Orginally suppose to be Sammy Stephens in it but he was fired by Shane McMahon

Danny Jackpot(c) def James Bond to retain DCWL International Title

Dre def Pfan in a Boxing Arena Match

After words Dre,Pfan and RJ danced to show the fued is over

Emo Shawn Michaels(c) (Lulz Champion) vs Ozzy Ozbourne(c) (Hardcore Champ). Falls Count Anywhere

Chuck Norris(WCCW) def Sagat(DCWL) In A cage match.

Orginally going to be a normal match but Shane McMahon wanted DCWL to win

Ryu def Inspector Shetty Winner gets shot at DCWL World Title and loser gets shot at DCWL International Title

Mike Tyson def Mysto(c) in a Street Fight Arena Match for DCWL World Title

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