It is a title which can be defended on any show and the belt was bought by DCWL for $5 on Ebay.

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Scott McShannon 1 He defeated Javori Smart in a Ladder Match to win belt
Dylan Connell 1 defeated Scott McShannon
Emo Shawn Michaels 1 defeated Dylan Connell
Title Unified with the Hardcore belt now called DCWL Lulz Hardcore Title
Jerry Atric 1 def Emo Shawn Michaels in a Battle Royal
Title changed to DCWL Unified One Night Stand Tag Titles
Jerry Atric and Suspect 1 defeated Damar and Fatty Ding Dongs.
Title changed to DCWL Extreme Title

Jerry Atric


defeated Suspect via DQ

PFAN 1 Defeated Jerry at NXT's 1st and last CPV Bankrupticy
James Porter 1 Defeated James Bond at DCWL Hardcore Ressurrection 2 tournament
Louis Payne 1 Defeated Porter at Neverending Aggression 2
Yao Ming 1 Defeated Payne at DCWL Battlefield 2
Louis Payne 2 Defeated Yao Ming.
Lil Fly 1 Defeated Louis Payne at DCWL vs WCW Cival War.
Michael Jackson 1 Defeated Bryan Coger(Lil Fly) at DCWL's Return Show
Bryan Coger(Lil Fly) 2 Defeated Michael Jackson at DCWL's return show.
Vacant Bryan Coger injury
Mordecai 1 Defeated Mr.T at FNW White Power
Mysto 1 Beat Mordecai and 4 others in a 6 man battle royal to become final champ.
Vacated Title is retired July 14,2012

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