Preshow Ed Kewl def Link Regular Match
1 Rick Astley def Chris Johnasen Inferno match
2. Bret Michaels def Randy The Ram Regular match for the DCWL International title
3. Johnny Rocker (c) def Michael Vick Regular match for Cruddyweight title
4. Mike Tyson def Ozzy Ozbourne Regular match for shot at DCWL Title
5 Sagat def Zangief

Metal Ring match for DCWL Title

DCWL Hardcore Ressurrection 2

1. Emimen def Suspect(c)

Cruddyweight title match in a No Escape Cage match
2. Shetty(c) def Ozzy Ozbourne Single Match for DCWL International title.
3.Charles Hansen def Zangief Last man Standing
4. Bret and Bond def Rocker and Kewl Tag match
5.Sagat def 50 cents Metal Ring Match
6.Mike Tyson vs Shane McMahon(c) for DCWL Title

Special Ref= Ed McMahon

for DCWL Title


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