DCWL Hardcore title was a title in DCWL but was Unified with Lulz title

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DCWL Hardcore title was hold by many Superstars not just from DCWL.

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.Here is a list of all of DCWL's Hardcore Champions
1. El Jefe def The Suspect to be 1st champion

2. James Bond def El Jefe

3. Biff Andreas def James Bond, El Jefe and Danny Jackpot in a Battle Royal to win title

4. Pizzi def Biff Andreas at DCWL Battlefield after Biff was in a Match due to 24/7 rule

5. Shawn Michaels def Pizzi at DCWL Battlefield in a If Pizzi loses he must retire match

6. Ed Kewl Defeated Shawn Michaels at DCWL Battlefield due to 24/7 rule

7. Danny Jackpot defeated Ed Kewl

8. Bret Michaels defeated Danny Jackpot

9. Danny Jackpot defeated Bret Micahels at DCWL Collision Countdown

10. El Jefe def Danny Jackpot at DCWL Collision Countdown

11. Randy The Ram def El Jefe

12. Abyss def Randy The Ram at DEC Mainia

13. Shawn Dynasty def Abyss at DEC Mainia

14.Eminem def Shawn Dynasty at DCWL LOLRANDOM

15.BPEZ def Eminem at DCWL LOLRANDOM due to 24/7 rule

16.Pornoman def BPEZ at DCWL LOLRANDOM due to 24/7 rule

17. Burb def Pornoman at DCWL LOLRANDOM

18. Jurt Angle def Burb

19. J222 def Jurt Angle

20.Ozzy Ozbourne def J222


Title Unified at DCWL Downfall

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