This CPV name pretty much fits match card. Funny and Random matches.

Match 1 Worthless (Moldy Toast and Ted Diabetic) def Why Even Bourne and The Twig Show

Match 2 Brock Lesnar def MachoMeth (Machojef)

Match 3 The Rock def Mike Tyson This is a Copyright match. If Tyson wins The Rock must give Tyson a movie deal. If Mike loses The Rock says That Mike will have to wear a dress to his  number 1 contender match with Rocky.

Match 4 Earl Hebner def Mark Mantlemen

Match 5 Al Kaholic def  Larry O. Leone.

Main Event Tiger Woods wife Elin Nordegren def Tiger Woods



Match 1 Coca Cola def Bald Dylan Connell

  • Dylan later drank Coca Cola*

Match 2 Josh TheSuperdingos def WillyWill in A Street Style kind of fight.

Match 3 4 league 4 man 2 staged International battle royal

Shindu Basa[SMF] and Uno Does Tres Nino[ICCW] got eliminated from first round

El Jefe [JeriMax] def Adamo Cruz [FSCW] in a Cross the Border Match[Cage Match]

Match 4 Danny Jackpot and BPEZ def JobFather[Machojef] and Machojef's girlfriend

Match 5 Justin Gower def Michael Jackson in a Hardcore if Justin Gower wins he gets a Record deal and if MJ wins he got turned back into a black man

  • Even though MJ lost Suspect came in and Fire Lariat MJ and Turned MJ Black

Match 6 The Crippler def SAT URN Hardcore Match

Match 7 Charles Hansen def Bret Hart Hardcore Match

  • The Rock was the one who was to fight Hansen but The Rock soldout and Bret took the challange instead*

Match 8 Teryo Law def J222 in A Hardcore title match

Match 9 Eminem def Shawn Dynasty(c) for DCWL Hardcore title

  • Due to 24/7 rule BPEZ def Eminem to win title. Then Pornoman would def BPEZ. Burb would def Pornoman to win title for the night*

Main Event Scott McShannon def Javori Smart in a Ladder Match to win Lulz Title

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