Match 1 Johnny Rocker (c) def Ed Kewl to retain DCWL Cruddyweight Title

Match 2 Drew Carey def Bret Michaels (c) to win DCWL International Title

Match 3 D.Faultman def Cody Rhodes fans in a Tribute to Mr.Amazing Match

Match 4 Balrog def Ed McMahon. This match was made by Jay Leno who had been fired who wanted revenge on Ed. He used a make a match shot he had.

Richard Nixon is found out to be the one who attacked Ed McMahon.

Main Event Mike Tyson def Sagat(c) for DCWL Title In a Hardcore New York Street fight

Mr.T would use his Make a Match clause to fight Mike Tyson for DCWL Title. Mr.T would win the title


Neverending Aggression 2

Preshow = Hansen def Michael Vick

1.James Porter def Ozzy Ozbourne(c) in a Barbwire Masscure Match for DCWL International title

2.Suspect(c) def Johnny Rocker Hardcore Match for Cruddyweight title

3.Mike Tyson def Yao Ming In The Tryout Arena Match

4.TX3(c) def Ed Kewl For NAW Hardcore Title if Ed Loses he is gone from DCWL

5.Danny Jackpot def vs Bret Michaels(c)vs Shetty Triple Threat for DCWL Title

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