# Results: Stipulations:
1 Eminem def James Bond Regular Match
2 Sagat def Guile Regular Match
3 Zangief def Brock Lesnar Regular Match
4 Ozzy Ozbourne(DCWL) def Raven(NAW) Regular Match
5 Johnny Jobber def Machojef Cheese Arena Match
6 Sagat def Eminem Ladder Match for DCWL Title
  • 3. Tyson was orginally to be in this but he said he was to hurt and could not fight. So Brock Lesnar took over his place. Afterwords this would be revealed to be a lie as Tyson came out after match and attack Zangief.
  • 5.Johnny Jobber after match changed his name to Johnny Rocker
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Revenge Reckoning 2

1.The Suspect(c) def [Charles Hansen|Charles Hansen]] Empty Arena match for DCWL Cruddyweight title
2.Inspector Shetty def Danny Jackpot Special Ref Match with Johnny Rocker as ref for DCWL International title
3. Link def Fatty Ding Dongs Single Match with Winner fighting DCWL's Newest Superstar at next show
4. Eminem vs Michael Jackson If Eminem wins MJ must give up his Straightedge life and if Eminem loses Eminem must join The Jackson Society
5.Zangief def Larry O Leone Single Match
6. Mike Tyson(c) def Ryu Hardcore Arena match for DCWL Title

2. Johnny Rocker was attacked by James Bond and could not be ref so Shane McMahon made James Porter ref and James Porter hit Danny Jackpot in the back which caused Shetty to grab Danny and do the Shetty Shuffle.

6. Shane McMahon said Mike Tyson has to fight another person for DCWL Title. Ozzy Ozbourne came out and attacked Mike Tyson. Shane ran out to the ring and said that himself was going to fight Mike Tyson for DCWL Title. Shane pinned Mike Tyson and Shane won DCWL Title

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