DCWL Subscriber Show is a Special Show dedicated to the subscribers of the channel.The show does not have a specific time frame of when to take place because it is all based on viewing. The matches are mostly random and don't necessarily mean that only DCWL Superstars will be in it.How man matches also varies.

100 Subscriber Show

# Results Stipulations
1 The Suspect defeated Link(c), Merc,Zangief,Johnny Rocker,TX3

6 man battle royal


Hardcore Title

200 Subscriber Show

# Results Stipulations
1 Danny Jackpot def The Suspect Single Match
2 Shu Ying and Ariel Summers def Amy Madison and Stacy Miranda Tag Team Match
3 James Bond def Ed Kewl Single Match
4 The Midnight Thrillers(Drake Evansen and Mike Angel) def DCWL Domination (Zangief and Machojef) Tag Team Match
5 Derek The V Extreme def Shawn Michaels(c) Single Match for ASW Hardcore Championship

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