DCWL The Last Stand is the offical farewell CPV for the CAW League of the same name.


DerekTheVExtreme aka DCWL Owner quit DCWL to persue other CAW leagues like FNW and New Naw plus to settle things in his life. The idea of finishing up DCWL with a big CPV has been thought of ever since the ending of it. The purpose is to finish all unresolved storylines and bring things to a closure.


Match listing Match Stipulation
Preshow Bret Michaels def DerekTheVExtreme No DQ Match
Main Event Michael Vick def Ed Kewl(c), Johnny Rocker , James Bond, Louis Payne, Danny Jackpot Elimination Chamber Match for the DCWL World Title
1. Haduken(c) def Mike Tyson Parking Lot Brawl for the DCWL International Title
2. Daniel Bradson(c) def Mr.T Singles Match for DCWL Cruddyweight Title
3. Machojef and Zangief(c) def Midnight Thrillers Tornado Tag Team Match for DCWL Tag Team Titles
4. Hector Frost def Tyler King's Tyler Kings choice of an opponent and pick of match. Normal match

Ashley Alkaia def Shu Ying

Singles Match
6. Ariel Summers def Amy Madison(c) Singles Match for DCWL Divas title
7. Suspect def Sagat Singles Falls Count Anywhere Match
8. Lemarcus Carter def Alex Striker

Singles Hardcore Match

  • Preshow: Bret had retired from CAW but for this farewell show he agreed to do a match. Bret had said in the office backstage that he would fight anyone and Derek agreed to do fight in the match as long as it's under No DQ rules.
  • 4. Tyler King won ATW Season 2 which gave him a DCWL contract. Before he could actually compete in DCWL he decided he wanted to move on. Due to every DCWL contract having a last match clause Tyler must compete once. Due to Tyler winning ATW it was thought fair that he choose his last match against anyone he wants in any type of match.
  • 5. Both divas never really got a chance to be in DCWL so they compete in a match together.
  • 8. Both men were signed to DCWL before the closing and now they fight in a match together.

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