DCWL World Title
800px-WWE Championship
Current champion(s) Michael Vick
Date Won DCWL DEC MANIA 2(June 2, 2013)
League DCWL
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Introduced 2009
Retired January 18, 2013
Most reigns Mike Tyson (2 reigns)
First Champion Sagat
Last Champion Michael Vick
Longest Reign Ed Kewl (697 days)
Shortest Reign Mike Tyson (1 minute and 46 secounds)
Heaviest Champion Sagat
(323 lb (128kg))
Lightest Champion Mysto
(180 lb (81.64kg))
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) DCWLworldtitle

The World Championship and the biggest prize to hold in DCWL

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Sagat 1 Won the Title in 16 man tournament where he replaced Zangief after Zangief was attacked
Mike Tyson 1 Defeated Sagat at DCWL Neverending Aggression in a NY Match
Mr.T 1 Defeated Mike Tyson at Neverending Aggression by using his choose a match right he won
Mike Tyson 2 Defeated Mr.T and Zangief at DCWL Battlefield
The Suspect 1 Defeated Mike Tyson at DEC Mania in a 60 Minute Ironman Match
Mysto 1 Cashed in MITB at a DCWL Webmatch on Suspect
Mike Tyson 3 Beat Mysto at DCWL Downfall
Shane McMahon 1 Used his Chairman powers to make Mike Tyson fight in another title match at DCWL Revenge Reckoning 2
Bret Michaels 1 Defeated Shane McMahon in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Danny Jackpot 1 Defeated Bret and Shetty at Neverending Aggession 2 in a Triple Threat Match.
James Bond 1 Defeated Danny Jackpot at DEC MANIA 2
Ed Kewl 1 Kewl Cashed in MITB on Bond and defeated him at DEC MANIA 2
Michael Vick 1 Defeated 5 superstars in a elimination chamber match at DCWL The Last Stand
DCWL closes it's doors.