DCWL World Title
800px-WWE Championship
Current champion(s) Michael Vick
Date Won DCWL DEC MANIA 2(June 2, 2013)
League DCWL
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Introduced 2009
Retired {{{disbanded}}}
Most reigns Mike Tyson (2 reigns)
First Champion Sagat
Last Champion Michael Vick
Longest Reign Ed Kewl(697 days)
Shortest Reign Mike Tyson[1 minute and 46 secounds]
Heaviest Champion Sagat
(323 lb (128kg))
Lightest Champion Mysto
(180 lb (81.64kg))
Other Name(s) {{{pastnames}}}
Past design(s) DCWLworldtitle

The World Championship and the biggest prize to hold in DCWL

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Notes:
Sagat 1 Won the Title in 16 man tournament where he replaced Zangief after Zangief was attacked
Mike Tyson 1 Defeated Sagat at DCWL Neverending Aggression in a NY Match
Mr.T 1 Defeated Mike Tyson at Neverending Aggression by using his choose a match right he won
Mike Tyson 2 Defeated Mr.T and Zangief at DCWL Battlefield
The Suspect 1 Defeated Mike Tyson at DEC Mania in a 60 Minute Ironman Match
Mysto 1 Cashed in MITB at a DCWL Webmatch on Suspect
Mike Tyson 3 Beat Mysto at DCWL Downfall
Shane McMahon 1 Used his Chairman powers to make Mike Tyson fight in another title match at DCWL Revenge Reckoning 2
Bret Michaels 1 Defeated Shane McMahon in a 2 out of 3 falls match
Danny Jackpot 1 Defeated Bret and Shetty at Neverending Aggession 2 in a Triple Threat Match.
James Bond 1 Defeated Danny Jackpot at DEC MANIA 2
Ed Kewl 1 Kewl Cashed in MITB on Bond and defeated him at DEC MANIA 2
Michael Vick 1 Defeated 5 superstars in a elimination chamber match at DCWL The Last Stand
DCWL closes it's doors.