Digital Championship Wrestling
DCW 2010 Logo
Acronym DCW
Establishment 2005-Current
Owner(s) Triple R (CEO, Commentator)
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Formerly -Dangerous Championship Wrestling (2005-2006)
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Digital Championship Wrestling (DCW) once started off on NoDQ forums and expanded on CAW Underground. To which it has went throw a lot of changes from being called Dangerous Championship Wrestling to Digital Championship Wrestling. The owner of this fantasy league is the man with the three Rs Triple R.

DCW History

Started on Nodq forums in the caw section as an unknown league with few to no fan base. The first show was called DCW Rush to which turned out to be a flop to where people where complaining about certain CAWs that where on the show. But that did not stop Triple R. He continued on with the show and creating a tournament called the Crossroads tournament. To which it would end on the Supershow called Crossroads.

DCW Shows

DCW Rush!

DCW Rush! Logo new 2

DCW Rush! Logo

The first ever show DCW Rush started in 2005 but got canned after some bad matches and few views but returned after the boom of DCW Download. With Rush! back trying to get the A brand spot once more was a hard task to face off with but with getting some of the top superstars from Download onto Rush!. Which made Rush! back to the A Brand once more.

DCW Download


DCW Download Logo

While DCW Rush! was having problems getting things together. The Owner Triple R had decided to use WWE Wrestlemania XIX to make this show. With it turning out to be a great show all thanks to the Action X Division, which was like TNA's X Division but a little bit better. With the Action X Division paving the way on Download with stars of the likes of Inu Yasha, Gohan, Trunks, Leon, and others showing that you didn't have to be a musical man to be a main event er. With the run of 50 episodes on September 2, 2008 DCW had decided to cancel Download. With no big name superstars to carry the show and that the Action X Title was retired the board had felt Download needed to be closed. But after Richie Rich showed up he announced that he was returning Download back.

Canceled shows

These are canceled shows that at one time was used to help out DCW while Rush was having trouble getting back up

DCW Danger Zone

Danger Zone was to take the spot of DCW Rush! but could not do anything past 9 episodes to where DCW board canceled it.

DCW Saturday Night Slam

DCW Saturday Night Slam Logo

DCW Saturday Night Slam Logo

Another show that was to take Rush's spot as the A brand show. Which never got off the ground too much. But their are plains to bring it back as somewhat of a Sunday Night Heat for DCW Rush!

DCW Supershows

January: Digital Overload




May: Road 2 Victory

June: Slamfest

July: No Limits

August:Total Warfare

September: Lethal Agenda

October: Final Justice

November: Brutal Punishment


DCW Roster


Axel Stone

Beyond the Grave

Billy Coen

Danny Phantom

Dark Jak

Future Trunks

Gene Starwind


Jake Long

Leon S. Kennedy

Max Payne

Sam Fisher




Ada Wong

Blaze Fielding


Jill Valentine

Lara Croft

Power Girl

Rebbecca Chambers





stable/tag team


Agent J

Agent K

Action Pack

Steven Seagal

Jean-Claude Van Damme




Da Posse

The Ron

Jake Long

Streets of Rage

Axel Stone

Max Thunder

Final Fight



Foot Clan Ninjas

Foot Ninja No. 1

Foot Ninja No. 2

DCW Championship

DCW Digital/ World Title

Current Champion: Leon S. Kennedy

Goku (World Champion)

Vegeta (World Champion)

Beyond the Grave (World Champion)

Trunks (World Champion)

Trunks (Digital Champion)

Guile (World Chamion)

Max Payne (World Champion)

DCW Action X Title

Current Champion: Pitfall Harry




Leon S. Kennedy



Leon S. Kennedy


DCW JR weight/ Nexus Title

Current Champion: Casey Jones

Clown Freak (Jr weight Champion)

Michelangelo (Jr weight Champion then changes it to the Nexus Title)

Edward Elric (Nexus Champion)

Smoke (Nexus Champion)

Ryu Hayabusa (Nexus Champion)

Chris Redfied (Nexus Champion)

DCW Tag Team Champions

Current Champions: Da Posse (The Ron & Jake Long)

TMNT (Raphael & Michelangelo)

Battletoads (Pimple & Zitz)

TMNT (Raphael & Michelangelo)

The Immortals (Reptile & Scorpion)

DCW Roses Champion

Current Champion: Kairi


Jill Valentine



Power Girl

DCW Us Champion (retired)

Last Champion: Master Chief




DCW Women Champion (retired)

Kim Possible

Power Girl


DCW Miss America Champion (retired)


Olsen Twins

Ada Wong

Jill Valentine

DCW Virtual X Championship (retired)

Dark Jak

DCW LiveTV Championship (retired)

Current Champion: Richie Rich

Jake Long

Starman Jr.