Template:ChampionshipsThe DCW Legacy Championship is a mid card title in Dynasty CAW Wrestling (DCW) in the Overdrive brand. The title's purpose is for any wrestler in DCW to make a name for themselves through the popularity of the title.

Title History

The inaugural champion was crowned in September 2016 when MECpro200 defeated 3 other men in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Chamber match. He would get injured after a sneak attack and had to vacate it due to injury. The next week, the "Marvelous Mexican" High Jose (DCW Marvelous) defeated xzBleachpowerxz to gain the championship. After the long hiatus of DCW, Season 2 began with Jose doing open challenges every week. After 4 months and 4 open challenges with the title, he lost it to Drew Falcon (Th3ReAlSaVaGe73) in a TLC match at DCW: Defiance.

There has been so far 3 champions with one vacancy.

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