DEC Mania was DCWL's Wrestlemania CPV

Match 1 Larry O Leone def Johnny Rocker (c), Ozzy Ozbourne, Michael Jackson in a 4 man battle royal for DCWL Cruddyweight title

Match 2 Bret Michaels(c) def Danny Jackpot in a Two Out of 3 falls match for DCWL International title

Match 3 Shawn Dynasty (c) def Biff Andreas for DCWL Hardcore Title in a Hardcore Style Match where if Biff loses he can never be seen in DCWL Again

  • Orginal Idea was Randy Ram vs Biff but Abyss attacked Randy and won title.Abyss and Biff fought only for Shawn Dynasty to come in pin Abyss to win Hardcore title and Beat Biff to retain the title and thus kicking Biff out of DCWL*

Match 4 Ed McMahon(c) def Richard Nixon for DCWL Chairman job in a Metal Ring Match

Match 5 Charles Hansen def Ryu in a ACWL Paid for Match

Match 6 Zangief def Mysto and Rocky for MITB Ladder Match

Match 7 New WWE (Brent Harvanator) def DCWL(Eminem) in a Chris Beniot Home match

Match 8 DCWL(Ed Kewl) def ROF(The Punisher) in a All American Match

Match 9 Suspect def Mike Tyson(c) in a 60 Min Ironman match for DCWL Title

DEC Mania 2

DEC Mania 2 is the biggest event of the year for DCWL

Preshow) DerekTheVExtreme def Evan O Shea No Holds Barred Match

Match 1) DCWL Domination (Zangief and Machojef) (c) def The Midnight Thrillers (Drake Evansen and Mike Angel)

Match 2) Mordecai def Michael Jackson R.I.P Match

  • Mordecai killed MJ and threw his lifeless body in a casket thus following the R.I.P Match rules*

Match 3)Daniel Bradson def Michael Vick(c) Flaming Table Match for Cruddyweight title match

Match 4)Team Bret(Bret Michaels,Michael Vick and Suspect) vs DCWL Domination (Bryan Coger,Sagat and Zangief)

Match 5) Ed Kewl def Mr.T and Sagat Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Match 6)Haduken(c)International title vs Mike Tyson Extreme Rules Match Non Title Match

Match 7)DCWL vs WCW Lemarcus Carter(WCW) def Mysto(DCWL) Submission Match

Match 8) The Miz(New WWE) def Dr.PIzza(NAW), Hector Frost(ACE),Edward Cullen(URW),Pacman Jones (Jeri Max) and Ronald McDonald (SMF) in a Interpromotional 6 man Battle Royal

Match 9) James Bond def Danny Jackpot(c) for the DCWL Championship (if Danny wins then DCWL dies but it Bond wins DCWL stays alive and Danny leaves DCWL.)

  • Ed Kewl cashed in his newly won Money in the Bank Briefcase on James Bond to win the DCWL Title*

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