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Devon Daydream
Names Devon Daydream
Height 5'10
Weight 174lbs
Born December 30th, 2010
Birthplace Colorado City, Colorado
Died October 1st, 1850
Resides Colorado City, Colorado
Billed from Colorado City, Colorado
Trained by Eddie Domainian
Debut 2010
Retired N/A

Devon Daydream is a deceased pro wrestler.

Personal Life

Devon Daydream was a man given birth by the fusion of three wandering spirits that had yet to pass on to the afterlife; it is speculated that these are the souls of Eddie Domainian, Nick Domainian, and their father.

Daydream was spawned in the middle of the streets of Colorado. He soon encountered Epic Ball, who he allegedly had a one night stand with. Upon awakening the next morning in his hotel room, Daydream suffered a massive stroke and a brain hemorrhage at the same time, killing him instantly. The second passing of the Domainians caused time to become compressed, and Daydream was sent back in time to 1850.

Shockingly and unknown to everyone, the ancestors of the family that ran the hotel was made up entirely of necrophiliacs. They began to sexually assault Daydream's corpse. It was reported hours later by shocked hotel citizens. The family was let off on bail because nobody cared about Daydream.

Championships and Accomplishments


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