DFW Heritage Championship
DFW Heritage Championship Transparent
Current champion(s) Vacant
Date Won May 5th, 2012
League Developing Futures Wrestling
Brand N/A
Introduced 2012
Retired N/A
Most reigns B.B. Disco & Sean Heritage (1 reign)
First Champion Sean Heritage
Last Champion N/A
Longest Reign B.B. Disco (133 Days)
Shortest Reign Sean Heritage (130 days)
Heaviest Champion Sean Heritage (243 lbs.)
Lightest Champion B.B. Disco (238 lbs.)
Other Name(s) N/A
Past design(s) N/A

The DFW Heritage Championship is the second-tier championship for the developmental league, Developing Futures Wrestling. The championship was introduced by Sean Heritage as he was signing to the company in 2011, and he also inovated the rules to the championship. The Championship is currently vacant.

Championship Rules:

  • The Heritage Championship must be Defended on a weekly bases and there is no points towards getting a title shot, you can be given a shot anytime in a One-on-One match.
  • If you lose your title match as the challenger you can't get a match for the title aslong as the champion you lost to is still the champion.
  • If the champion loses the Heritage championship he can be given a rematch, if he loses his rematch he can't get another shot until the champion he lost to is no longer the champion.
  • While currently holding the Heritage championship you will not be able to challenge for the DFW Championship.
  • There will be no points given or taken in a Heritage Championship match.

Title Match Rules:

  • All Heritage championship matches must be basic singles match rules (no gimmick matches).
  • The Heritage Championship can change hands on a DQ or a Count Out

List of Champions:

Champion Times Date Won Days Held Location Notes
Sean Heritage 1

January 3rd, 2012

130 N/A Inaugual Champion
B.B. Disco 1 May 5th, 2012 133 Manchester, England Defeated Shaun Heritage on DFW Overdrive #1
Vacant - September 21st, 2012 - - Championship was put on hold during the Hiatus in September 2012. Soon was officially vacted after DFW was signed over to EDF.