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DFW Overdrive #1 - Generic Pilot Title
DFW Overdrive logo
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Promotion Developing Futures Wrestling
Date May 5th, 2012
Venue Etihad Stadium
City Manchester, England
Theme Song "Crash" by Fit for Rivals
Last Event N/A
Next Event DFW Overdrive 2: A Set Off Cannon

DFW Overdrive #1 - Generic Pilot Title was the debut of the developmental league, Developing Futures Wrestling. The event took place on May 5th, 2012 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, England.

Card lay-outs works with Webmatch build up (Coded as Web *Insert number here*) and then the actual show matched (Coded as *Insert number here*). Webmatches are uploaded randomly, but following 3 webmatches (Not including this spacific event) a episode of Overdrive is the next uploaded event. This episode only had 3 matches, but episodes following will have 5.

Match Card:Edit

Order Results Stipulations
Web 1 Lemarcus Carter defeated Tyson Singles Match; Vivianverse Guest Challenge
Web 2 Fella (c) defeated Bryan Davis Singles match for the BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship
Web 3 Bryan Davis (c) defeated Tyson Singles match for the BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship
Web 4 Bryan Davis defeated Haduken and Fella Triple Threat match for the vacant BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship
1 Haduken (c) defeated Happy Vim Singles match for the BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship
2 B.B. Disco defeated Sean Heritage (c) Singles match for the DFW Heritage Championship
Main Biff Andreas defeated Steven Santos Singles match


  • Main: After the match, Steven Santos busted Biff Andreas open with a lead pipe, hit him with a SpriteNation Bomb and a DEFCON 1.

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Superstars: B.B. Disco · Bryan Davis · Cleatus Tumbleweed · Craig David · Demar Thomas · Fella · Tom Nook · Hijo Del Reyes · Jacob Marley · Road Block · Ryan Nitro · Ruroruni Mutoh · Sean Heritage · Zane Ulmeyda
DFW Staff: Emily O'Shea
DFW Alumni: Biff Andreas · Gigglechopz · Happy Vim · Spitfire · Steven Santos · Tyson
DFW Guests: Lemarcus Carter
DFW Championships: DFW Championship · DFW Heritage Championship · DFW Tag Team Championship
Guest Championships: BRAWL\UWF Jobber Championship
Episodes: #1 · #2 · #3
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