DIW Backlash is one of two brands in the CAW league DIW (the other being DIW Raw).

DIW Backlash
Acronym DIW Backlash
Established 2009
Based Colorado Springs, Colorado
Active 2009
Style Original CAWs
General Manager Illution
Chairman Illution

DIW Backlash Champions

  • DIW Championship: J Smith
  • DIW Attitude Championship: Diablo
  • DIW Diva Championship: Nichole
  • DIW Tag Team Championship: Masked Marauder & De Fight

DIW Backlash Roster

  • De Fight
  • Diablo
  • Game Over
  • J Smith
  • Masked Marauder
  • Maxlestein
  • Melissa Steel
  • Nichole
  • Ryan
  • Stevi T
  • Stevie Francis
  • Tanto
  • TFO
  • The Exterminator
  • Travis Jackson
  • Vladamire Kolkof

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