DIW Championship
Promotion DIW CAW Is WAR
Champion Maxlestein
Date Won Sunday 5th April 2009

The DIW championship is the 'spiritual sucsessor' to the IPW World Championship since IPW disbanded. The DIW championship is the highest ranking championship in the promotion. The following champion reigns after The Exterminator's first happened during a time skip.

List of combined reigns

As of July 26, 2017.

  • 1. The Exterminatior 4 title reigns
  • 2. Ryan 2 title reigns
  • 3. The Vampire 1 title reign
  • 3. Stevi T 1 title reign
  • 3. J Smith 1 title reign
  • 3. Diablo 1 title reign
  • 3. Maxlestein 1 title reign
  • 3. Darren Matthews 1 title reign (current)

Title History

Wrestler: Times: Location: Notes:
The Exterminator Sunday February 8th 2009 DIW Inserection Won at DIW Inserection, where he faced The Vampire in a HIAC match. Stevi T interfered during the match and attacked The Vampire which allowed The Exterminatior to pick up the win.
The Vampire Time Skip DIW Wrestlemania 1 Won during a tiple threat match between The Exterminator and Stevi T.
Vacated Time Skip The title was vacated due to The Vampire being drafted to Raw.
Stevi T Time Skip DIW Backlash Stevi T won a 6 man over the top rope match to become the new DIW Champion, elimating The Exterminator last.
Ryan Time Skip DIW Backlash Ryan cashed in his MITB, pinning Stevi T after he won the 6 man elimination match.
J.Smith Time Skip DIW No Way Out Due to being promised a title opitunity if he signed with DIW Backlash, J. Smith faced and beat Ryan in a ironman match.
The Exterminator Time Skip DIW CAW is WAR
Diablo Time Skip DIW Trifecta
Maxlestein Sunday 5th April 2009 DIW CAW is WAR
The Exterminator June 18th 2009 DIW InsurrXion 2009 Triple Threat Match Between Maxelstein and Royta Mishino
Extreme Dan January 28th 2010 DIW Caw is War Episode 7 (S2) Diablo Made the Match MITB Style
The Exterminator March 23rd 2010 DIW Hardcore Revolution 2010 Revolution Chamber for the Vacated Title also featuring Andre Rubio, Stevie Francis, Mason Kronik, Johnson, and Curtis Killings
Ryan January 3rd 2011 DIW Divided We Brawl 2011
Darren Matthews January 3rd 2011 DIW Divided We Brawl 2011 Matthews Cashed In Money In The Bank after Ryan Won

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