Dangerous Frontline is the 4th Click-Per-View by the CAW Show DIW, it was a one time only CPV after owner Extreme Dan said it took to long to produce, it was the home of the Frontline Match, a 6-man tag between the two brands. the CPV aired August 10th 2010

# Match Stip.
1 Sean Low Jr.(c) def. D-Mack, Shamus McCoy, and Stevi T Fatal 4 way for DIW Intercontenental Championship
2 Haze (Dungeon) def. Bonaparde (Caw is War) Caw is War vs Dungeon Match 1
3 Kevin Kash, reaper, and Neo (Team Dungeon) def. Masked Marauder, Ben Giganta, and Daniel Brown (Team CIW) Dangerous Frontline Match; Caw is War vs Dungeon Match 2
4 Johnson (CIW) def. Royta Mishino (Dungeon) Caw is War vs Dungeon match 3
5 Darren Matthews (CIW) def. Quick Silver (Dungeon) "I'm Gay" Match; Caw is War vs Dungeon match 4
6 World Elite (SOS and Ben Hitman) def. The Luther Bros. (c) DIW Tag Team Championship
7 Ryan (CIW) def. Justin Sparks (Dungeon) Caw is War vs Dungeon match 5
8 The Exterminator (c) def. Grand Master Bling DIW Championship
9 Illution (c) def. De FIght and Shane 'Pyro' Low Triple Threat for DIW World Championship
10 Illution (c) vs Shawn O' Connor NO CONEST! DIW World Championship

  • 1- After the match, the man who ran over diablo announced that he will reveal himself at Divided We Brawl
  • 4- During the match, Kevin Kash and Reaper Summojned Maxelstein, making royta mishino pass out
  • 8- During. GMB announce his resignition from the Ministry of Perfection. After the match, Andre Rubio attacked Steven Viper
  • 10- No Contest due to Kevin kash and Reaper kidnapping Shawn O' Connor. Maxelstein Returned and Put Illution through a flaming Table

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