Hardcore Revolution Logo 2

The official "Hardcore Revolution" CPV Logo

Hardcore Revolution is a professional CAW wrestling click-per-view (CPV) event that is produced every year by the CAW league, Deep Impact Wrestling. The event will be held as the first CPV to be aired on Youtube for DIW. The event holds an annual "Revolution Chamber" match, which is an Extreme Elimination Chamber match.

Hardcore Revolution 2009

This event will hold a "Revolution Chamber" match to decide the DIW Championship. This event will also hold a match to decide who will become the first DIW Diva Champion after the belts reinstation.


# Results Stipulations
Dark Match Pimp Daddy Reign beat Matt Who ever wins gets the last spot in the Revolution Chamber.
1 Muhammad Jahzeer beat Stephen Ozender None
2 Violet beat Sunny Diva Championship Match
3 Ryan {c} beat Shamus McCoy X Division Championship
4 Stevie Francis beat Nathan Slash #1 contendership for the DIW Championship on the line
5 Stevi T & Andre Rubio {c} beat Illution & Chris Rock DIW tag Team Championships
6 Johnson beat S.O.S {c} Open Invertational for the DIW Youtube Championship
Main Event Maxlestien {c} beat Ryan, The Exterminator, Pimp Daddy Reign, Grand Master Bling and Justin Sparks Revolution Chamber match for DIW Championship

Harcore Revolution 2010

DIW Hardcore Revolution 2010 was DIW's 3rd CPV of the season. The official theme was "I Don't Care" by Default.

The Matchcard

Match # Result Stipulations
1 Shadow Vega (c) Def. Icedude DIW Youtube Championship
2 Sean Low Jr. (c) Def. D-Mack DIW Intercontenental Championship
3 Stevie Francis Def. Bonaparde Control of Krystal Francis/ Final Spot in CIW Chamber
4 Ruby Sycharax (c) Def. Violet Steel Cage Match for DIW Divas Championship
5 Quick Silver (c) Def. Kevin Kash DIW Silver Star Championship
6 Darren Matthew Def. The Vampire 3 Flaming Tables Match
7 The Exterminator Def. Andre Rubio, Stevie Francis, Mason Kronik, Johnson, and Curtis Killings CAW is War Revolution Chamber for DIW Championship
8 Illution Def. Lu Bu, Neo (c), De Fight, Reaper, and Royta Mishino

Dungeon Revolution Chamber for DIW World Championship

1- After the match, Reaper attacked Icedude

2- Stevi T attacked D-Mack and Sean Low Jr. during the match

3- During the match, Haze kicked Cryptic in the skull, After the match, Krystal Refused to go with Stevie, Who gave her the Stevie Kick shortly after.

4- After the match, Crissy shot Ruby, Nichole came out and pinned Ruby and won the Divas title.

5- During the match, a code played distracting Kash, Legacy then came out and attacked him.

8- Dan forfeits the DIW Championship, Mason Kronik replaces him. During the match, Dan attacked Rubio, announcing his ownership of DIW and his joining of the Ministry of Perfection.

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