DIW Inserection was the first ever CPV for the online CAW promotion called DIW (Deep Impact Wrestling). It took place on Sunday 12th February 2009.


# Results Stipulations
1 Diablo, D-Mack and Matt defeated NWO (Blake & Captain McCoy) & Danny James Hardcore match
2 Nichole {c} defeated Laura & Rebecca Steel Falls count anywhere for the DIW Diva Championship
3 Ryan {c} defeated Roijin Akno, Masked Marauder and Illution Steel Cage match for the X Division Championship
4 Reaper defeated De Fight, Dark Reign, C.Haos, Travis Jackson & Stevie Francis {c} Ladder match for the Attitude Championship
5 The Exterminator defeated The Vampire Hell in a Cell match for the DIW Championship


  • During the DIW Championship match, newcomer to DIW Stevi T came down to the ring, attacking The Vampire

DIW InsurreXion 2010

This was DIW's second CPV of the second season on youtube, it featured the first ever commentator vs commentator match and a non-title main event, it was also the last match of maxelstein.

The Match Card

Match # Match Stipulations
1 Lu Bu Def. Stephen Ozender via Submission none
2 Ruby Sycharax Def Sunny (c) DIW Divas Championship
3 Shadow Vega Def. Justin Sparks and Johnson (c) Triple Threat match for DIW Youtube Championship/ If Justin Sparks gets pinned, he is fired
4 Daniel Brown Def. Extreme Dan none
5 Quick Silver (c) Def. Ben Hitman Ultimate Submission Match for DIW Silver Star Championship
6 Bonaparde Def. Stevie Francis Control of Krystal Francis
7 The Vampire Def. Darren Matthews none
8 WCLleague Def. J O'Matic Commentator vs. Commentator
9 Neo (c) Def. Illution DIW World Championship
10 The Exterminator (c) Def. Andre Rubio DIW Championship
11 Royta Mishino Def. Maxelstein (2-1) 3 Stages of Hell (Singles, Extreme Rules & Hell in a Cell)/ spot in revolution chamber)
just a random cell please ignore. just a random cell, please ignore. just a random cell, please ignore.

1- After The match, Johnson attacked Chris Rock backstage

2- Diablo told Justin that if he loses tonight, he is fired

3- before the match, diablo announces that multiple superstars will be fired

4- J O'Matic and Icedude attacked Extreme Dan

5- The Final Code Promo aired and it revealed to be Kevyn Kash/ Stephen Ozender is fired by diablo

7- before the match, Nathen Tribeon is fired by Diablo

8- after the match, WCLleague propses to Violet

11- after the match, Diablo is hit by a car

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