DJW Damage Gauge Championship
Render tag team championship
Current champion(s) The Knuckleheads
Date Won Dec 22, 2011
League DJW
Introduced 2011
Most reigns Walter Krunk aka Big Show
First Champion Biff Andreas & Matt Hardy
Last Champion
Longest Reign Team Scotland
Shortest Reign Triple H & Big Show
Heaviest Champion The Knuckleheads
Lightest Champion Biff Andreas & Matt Hardy
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

DJW Tag Title

List Of Champions

Wrestler: Times: Date No. of Days Held Notes:
Biff Andreas & Matt Hardy 1 Sep 26, 2011 28 Won DJW Show
The Game Show (Triple H & Big Show) 1 Oct 24, 2011 3 Defeated Biff Andreas & Matt Hardy in DJW Show.
Team Scotland (Drew McIntyre & Roddy Piper) 1 Oct 27,2011 56 Defeated Triple H and Big Show on a New Legacy Stream
The Knuckleheads (Walter Krunk & Knucklehead) 1 Dec 22,2011 0+ Defeated Team Scotland at Batter is Better