DMW Championship
Current champion(s) Optimus Prime
Date Won 18 October 2007 - DMW Redemption 2
League DMW
Brand Fantasy
Introduced June 2005
Most reigns
First Champion James Dark
Last Champion
Longest Reign Optimus Prime (18 Oct 2007 - Current)
Shortest Reign Majin Buu (28 July 2006 - 10 August 2006)
Heaviest Champion Optimus Prime (35 or 40 tons)
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s)
Past design(s) Old DMW Belt 2 Old DMW belt

The Dream Match Wrestling (DMW) Championship is a CAW world heavyweight championship in Dream Match Wrestling (DMW). It was created in 2005 and is one of the oldest titles in DMW next to the DMW Tag Team Championship, the DMW Women's Championship & the DMW World Championship. The DMW title is currnetly exclusive to DMW: Fantasy.

Current Champion


Optimus Prime is the current DMW Champion.

Optimus Prime is the current DMW Champion. He defeated The Kingpin for the belt at DMW Redemption 2 in October 2007

List of DMW Champions

#: Wrestler: Reigns: Event/Show: Notes: Successful defenses:
1 James Dark^ 1 Unknown Named champion at the start of DMW in 2005 1
The title was held up after James was stripped of the title by owner UT at a early Nightmare show for disrespecting everyone and not wanting to defend the title not on his own terms.
2 Randy Orton^ 1 DMW SummerPlex 2005 Won a 10 man battle royal match 1
3 Predator^ 1 DMW Enter Hell 05 Defeated Randy Orton in a no holds barred match 3
4 Majin Buu^ 1 DMW SickFest 2k6 Defeated Predator in a TLC match 0
5 The Kingpin^ 1 DMW NightMare Show 16 Had the title handed over to him by Buu 2
6 Optimus Prime 1 DMW Redemption 2 Defeated The Kingpin 7


  • [1] - James Dark was named Champion for the up start DMW after impressing UT in a few of his indie matches around 1999 - 2004. He would be the only original caw to hold the DMW title.
  • [2] - Randy Orton would be the first and only real wrestler to hold the DMW title.
  • [3] - Predator defeated Randy Orton at DMW Enter Hell 05 in a No Holds Barred match to lift the title. Predator would be the first Fantasy character to win the belt and would led the title being exclusive to DMW: Fantasy.
  • [4] - Buu beat Predator for the DMW title and his undefeted streak in a TLC match after what seem to be a accident when Cell ducked a incoming attack from the XWD Pred which hit the ladder when the DMW Pred was on and fell to the outside which led Buu climbing the ladder and getting the title.
  • [5] - The show after SickFest, Buu revealed that the man who thought up whole plan to rid Predator from DMW was none other then The Kingpin. And as a thank you, Buu give the title to the kingpin making him the first outsider to hold the DMW title in DMW and the titles short history.

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