DMW Women's Championship
Current champion(s) Nightfall
Date Won 2nd Annual Rose Knight Diva Invitational (12/4/10)
League DMW
Brand Original
Introduced 2005
Most reigns Janna Dark & Nightfall (2 reigns)
First Champion Janna Dark
Last Champion
Longest Reign
Shortest Reign
Heaviest Champion
Lightest Champion
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The DMW Women's title is the highest prestige women's title in DMW. It was created in 2005 and currently is exclusive to DMW: Original.

Current Champion

Nightfall in her 2nd reign as DMW Women's Champion 3

Current DMW Women's Champion Nightfall

Nightfall is the current DMW Women's Champion. She defeated Bertha to win vacant title at the 2nd Annual Rose Knight Diva Invitational.

List of DMW Women's Champions

#: Wrestler: Reigns: Event/Show: Notes:
1 Janna Dark 1 DMW Redemption 1 defeated Lita, Ivory & Trish Stratus in a four way elimination match
2 Tina 1 DMW Enter Hell 05 defeated Janna Dark in a TLC match
3 Vikki Nicmeri Ace 1 DMW Comeback defeated Tina
4 Nightfall 1 DMW Caw of the Ring defeated Vikki Nicmeri Ace in a cage match
5 Janna Dark 2 DMW Redemption 2 defeated Nightfall in a Hell in a Cell match
6 Amanda (XWD) 1 DMW BurnOut Show 28 defeated Janna Dark
Vacant XwD Extinction 101 Amanda forfit the title after what happened during her match with Janna Dark on BurnOut Show 28 and what happened after the match between her and Janna's sister Jessie.
7 Nightfall 2 2nd Annual Rose Knight Diva Invitational defeated Bertha to win vacant title

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