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Promotion DSO
Date January 26, 2014
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Last Event DSO Night Of 1000 Announce Tables
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# Results Stipulations
1. Payne Industries(Tyrone Bourne and Curtis Payne) def Royal Power(Ali Baba and Shindu Basa) Tag Team Match
2. John Creed def Jimmy Snuka Legend's Challenge Match
3. Mr. Death def Grant Truth Singles Match
4. Takeshi Kido def Joel Robinson Finisher Match
5. Jack Hannock def Cody Hunter and John Harlow Triple Threat Match
6. Payne Industries def Young & Crazy(c) Tag Team Match for DSO Tag Team Titles
7. Ryan Lee(c) def Robert Young  Single Match for DSO United States Title
8. Mason Krane(c) def Jake Jones Single Match for DSO United States Title

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