DWA Destructionmania
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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date March 23, 2008
Venue Madison Square Garden
City New York City, NY
Theme Song "St. Anger" by Metallica
Last Event DWA Ruler Of The Ring
Next Event DWA Interactive Insurrection

This is the biggest CPV in the history of DWA, this is the night where the stars of DWA are gonna shine.

Tonights Card:

Hardcore Invitational(4 way elimination battle royal for Hardcore title): Ahmed Johnson (c) vs. Inspector Gadget vs. The Anti-Flash vs. Captain Jack Sparrow

TLC Match for the DWA Tag Team Titles: Elvis Presley and Kenny Chesney(c) vs. Wayne & Garth

MITB Ladder Match(Winner has the opportunity for a DWA Heavyweight title shot any time they choose): Michael Heinman vs. The Rocketeer vs. Victor Fang vs. George Costanza vs. The Butcher vs. Johnny Cage

Hell in a Cell: Sherlock Holmes vs. Shaun of the Dead

Interpromotional Battle DWA vs. TNA vs. WWE: Captain America vs. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

30 Minute Iron Man Match: Vega vs. Seth Stern (URWL)

Interstar Championship Match: Lance Burton (c) vs. Apocalypse

DWA Heavyweight Championship Match (NODQ): Al Capone (c) w/Christy Hemme-Capone vs. Nightwing


# Result Stipulation
Burnout  Lyold Christmas (with Harry Dunne) defeated Drew Carey Singles match
1 Ahmed Johnson (c) defeated Inspector Gadget, The Anti-Flash and Jack Sparrow Hardcore Invitational for the DWA Hardcore Championship
2 Elvis Presley & Kenny Chesney (c) defeated Wayne's World (Wayne & Garth) TLC match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
3 George Costanza defeated Michael Heinman, The Rocketeer, Victor Fang, The Butcher and Johnny Cage Money in the Bank ladder match
4 Sherlock Holmes defeated Shaun of the Dead Hell in a Cell match
5 Kurt Angle defeated Captain America and Randy Orton Interpromotional Triple Threat match
6 Vega defeated Seth Stern 30 Minute Iron man match
7 Lance Burton (c) defeated Apocalypse Singles match for the DWA Interstar Championship
8 Al Capone (c) (with Christy Hemme-Capone) defeated Nightwing No Disqualification match for the DWA Championship
DWA Destructionmania Recap

DWA Destructionmania Recap