Destructionmania II
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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date July 4, 2010
Venue Reliant Arena
City Houston, TX
Theme Song "Build a Bridge" by Limp Bizkit
Last Event DWA Ruler Of The Ring 2009
Next Event DWA Interactive Insurrection 2012

Tonight is the night for these superstars to step up and make their mark in the DWA. This is the night that these stars have been waiting for to make an impact. To make a Destructionmania 2 moment.


Steve Blackman's Hardcore Invitational

Ghostbusters (c) vs. Scrubs - Tag Team Championships

Mickie James (c) vs. Psylocke - Steel Cage Match for Womens Championship

Gangsta Shaun vs Nostalgia Critic - Electrifying Championship

Victor Fang vs. Travis Sunfire - Extreme Rules Match

Money In The Bank Match - Al Capone vs. The Anti-Flash vs. Aladdin vs. Nikko Bellic vs. The Rocketeer vs. Elvis Presley

Nightwing (c) vs. Johnny Cage - Last Man Standing Match for World Heavyweight Championship

Vega vs Virus - Falls count anywhere match(If Vega loses then he must join The Virus. If Virus loses, he leaves the DWA)

George Costanza (c) vs. Lance Burton - DWA Heavyweight Championship


# Result Stipulation
1 Steve Blackman (c) defeated Rocko Hardcore Invitational for the DWA Hardcore Championship
2 The Ghost Busters (Peter & Ray) (c) defeated Scrubs (JD & Turk) Tag Team match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
3 Psylocke defeated Mickie James (c) Steel Cage match for the DWA Women's Championship
4 Gangsta Shaun defeated Nostalgia Critic Singles match for the vacant DWA Electrifying Championship
5 Travis Sunfire defeated Victor Fang Extreme Rules match
6 Al Capone defeated The Anti-Flash, Niko Bellic, The Rocketeer, Elvis Presley, and Aladdin Money in the Bank ladder match
7 Johnny Cage defeated Nightwing (c) Last Man Standing match for the World Heavyweight Championship
8 Vega defeated Virus Falls Count Anywhere match
9 Lance Burton defeated George Costanza (c) Single match for the DWA Championship
  • 1. Hardcore Madness: JBL, Big Fat Reverend Burn, Christian, Spike Dudley, The Hurricane, Godzilla, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, The Undertaker, X-Pac, Val Venis, Taka Michinoku, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Rob Van Dam, The Big Show, Chris Jericho, and Genie.
  • 8. The Doctor and InuYasha attacked Virus during the match. After the match, The Virus then announced he is coming to SCAW.

Miscellaneous Facts

  • Sylar assaulted Paul Blart backstage.
DWA Destructionmania II (Part 28)

DWA Destructionmania II (Part 28)