Fall Brawl II
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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date December 21, 2008
Venue Georgia Dome
City Atlanta, GA
Theme Song "Believe" by Bravery
Last Event DWA Summer Heat
Next Event DWA Ruler Of The Ring 2009

Tonight The Fall Classic returns. Fall Brawl 2 is here, tonight history will be made, we WILL crown our first women's champion. Tonight each champion goes in as the front-runner. There is no guarantee that they walk out with their belt. Tonight all will fight, all will BRAWL!!

10 Womens Battle Royal; Winner will be crowned the first ever DWA Womens Champion:

DWA Tag Team Championships Ghostbusters vs. Waynes World©

DWA Hardcore Championship Falls Count Anywhere Stay Puft Marshmallow Man vs. Inspector Gadget©

DWA Electryfying Championship The Butcher vs. Spawn vs. The Predator©

DWA Interstar Championship Lance Burton vs. Apocalypse vs. Sylar©

No Disqualification Match Sloppy J vs. Big B Special Ref. The Doctor

World Heavyweight Championship Six Man Hell in a Cell The Rocketeer vs. Shaun of the Dead vs. Michael Heinman vs. Anti-Flash vs. ??? vs. Victor Fang©

DWA Heavyweight Championship Niko Bellic vs. Captain Murphy vs. Johnny Cage vs. Vega vs. Al Capone vs. Nightwing©


# Results Stipulations
1 Cammy eliminated Psylocke last to win 10-Woman Battle Royal for the vacant DWA Women's Championship
2 Wayne's World (Wayne & Garth) (c) defeated The Ghost Busters (Peter & Ray) Tag Team match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
3 Inspector Gadget (c) defeated Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Falls Count Anywhere match for the DWA Hardcore Championship
4 Predator (c) defeated The Butcher and Spawn Triple Threat match for the DWA Electrifying Championship
5 Lance Burton defeated Sylar (c) and Apocalypse Triple Threat match for the DWA Interstar Championship
6 Sloppy J defeated Big B No Disqualification match with The Doctor as special referee
7 The Anti-Flash defeated Victor Fang (c), The Rocketeer, Shaun of the Dead, Michael Heinman and Zangief Hell in a Cell match for the World Heavyweight Championship
8 Johnny Cage defeated Niko Bellic, Captain Murphy, Vega, Al Capone and Mr. Kennedy Elimination Chamber match for the DWA Championship
  • 3 - Penny helped Gadget.
  • 5 - Burton got rid of Sylar, making it one on one between him and Apocalypse. A mind-controlled Psylocke cost Apocalypse the title.
  • 8 - The champion Nightwing was attacked by The Anti-Flash and was replaced by Mr. Kennedy.

10 Woman battle royal results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Paris Hilton 4 Sonya
2 Kim Kardashian 3 Paris and Sonya
3 Marilyn Monroe 5 Psylocke
4 Misty May-Treanor 2 Paris and Marilyn
5 Sonya 7 Psylocke
6 Christie Hemme-Capone 1 Misty
7 Malefecient 8 Psylocke
8 Psylocke 9 Cammy
9 Penny 6 Psylocke
10 Cammy N/A WINNER

Hardcore Madness

  • Inspector Gadget, Ravishing Rick Rude, George Costanza, JBL, Faarooq, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Johnny Cage, Jax, and Sonya Blade
Fall Brawl 2 recap

Fall Brawl 2 recap