DWA Interstar Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Current champion(s) Al Capone
Date Won Apil 21, 2012
League DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Brand DWA Destruction
Introduced June 5, 2007
Retired July 30, 2012
Most reigns Lance Burton; Sylar; Al Capone (2 reigns)
First Champion Sagat
Last Champion Al Capone
Longest Reign Lance Burton (421 Days)
Shortest Reign Sylar; Al Capone (0 Days)
Heaviest Champion Apocalypse
Lightest Champion Lance Burton
Other Name(s)
Past design(s)

The DWA Interstar Championship was the secondary championship on the Destruction brand of the DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association CAW wrestling promotion since the roster split/brand extension. It was originally the second highest title in the DWA when the company began. The first champion was determined in a Triple Threat Ladder Match. Sagat defeated Shao Khan and The Flash to become the first champion on June 5, 2007 at DWA Mayhem. The final was Al Capone, who defeated Sylar on July 30, 2012 on DWA Farewell Tour Destruction Ep. 3. The championship is now retired due to the company folded back in 2012.

List of Champions

Wrestler Times Date Won Days Held Location Event Notes
Sagat 1 June 5, 2007 61 N/A DWA Mayhem Defeated Shao Kahn and The Flash in a Triple Threat Ladder Match.
Spawn 1 August 5, 2007 174 N/A DWA Revenge
Lance Burton 1 January 26, 2008 254 Las Vegas, NV DWA Ruler of the Ring Defeated Spawn in a Ladder Match.
Sylar 1 October 6, 2008 76 DWA Arena 10-6-08 Destruction
Lance Burton 2 December 21, 2008 421 Atlanta, GA DWA Fall Brawl II Defeated Sylar and Apocalypse in a Triple Threat Match.
Apocalypse 1 February 15, 2010 84 DWA Arena Destruction 2-15-10
Al Capone 1 May 10, 2010 718 DWA Arena Destruction 5-10-10
Paul Blart 1 April 27, 2012 94 DWA Arena DWA Farewell Tour Destruction Show 1
Sylar 2 July 30, 2012 0 DWA Arena DWA Farewell Tour Destruction Show 3
Al Capone 2 July 30, 2012 0 DWA Arena DWA Farewell Tour Destruction Show 3

List of combined reigns

As of August 22, 2017

Rank Wrestler # of Reigns Combined Days
1. Al Capone 2 718
2. Lance Burton 2 675
3. Spawn 1 174
4. Paul Blart 1 94
5. Apocalypse 1 84
6. Sylar 2 76
7. Sagat 1 61

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