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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date August 5, 2007
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Theme Song "Enemy" by Fozzy
Last Event DWA Mayhem
Next Event DWA Fall Brawl

Here it is the second CPV in DWA. Tonight wars will be raged and titles may change hands.


DWA Heavyweight Championship
Vega (c) vs. Ermac - Special Referee: DWA Commissioner Chris Jericho

Elimination Chamber match
Captain America vs. Predator

TLC match for the DWA Interstar Championship
Sagat (c) vs. Spawn

DWA Opportunity Battle Royal; Last two standing will battle for a title shot at next cpv
Johnny Cage vs. Scorpion vs. Ken vs. Mario vs. Apocalypse vs. Frankenstein

Tables match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
Bison & Zangief (c) vs. Nemesis & Leatherface


# Results Stipulations
1 M. Bison & Zangief (c) defeated Nemesis & Leatherface Tables match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
2 Johnny Cage and Apocalypse outlasted Scorpion, Ken, Mario and Frankenstein DWA Opportunity Battle Royal
3 Spawn defeated Sagat (c) Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the DWA Interstar Championship
4 Predator defeated Captain America Elimination Chamber match
5 Vega (c) defeated Ermac Singles match for the DWA Championship (guest referee Chris Jericho)

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