Ruler of the Ring 2008
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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date January 26, 2008
Venue MGM Grand
City Las Vegas, NV
Theme Song "Going Under" by Evanescence
Last Event DWA Fall Brawl
Next Event DWA Destructionmania

Tonight DWA Returns on Click-Per-View. This night we will see champions and what it means to be champion, we will see what it means to be great, we will see what it means to be a ruler of the ring.


DWA Ruler of the Ring 30 Man Battle Royal; Winner faces champion at Destructionmania.

Triple Threat NoDQ Rules Match for the DWA Heavyweight Championship
Johnny Cage (c) vs. Al Capone vs. Apocalypse

Ladder Match for the DWA Interstar Championship
Spawn (c) vs. Lance Burton

Elimination Tag NoDQ Rules Match for the DWA Tag Team Championship; If Bison and Zangief lose, they are out of DWA (pending Ruler of the Ring battle royal result). If Elvis & Kenny lose, they will never get another shot at the Tag Titles as long as Bison and Zangief are champions.
M. Bison & Zangief (c) vs. Kenny Chesney & Elvis Presley & Kenny Chesney

No Holds Barred
Shaun of the Dead vs. Sherlock Holmes

DWA CAW Search Finals
The Butcher vs. Michael Heinman


# Results Stipulations
1 The Butcher defeated Michael Heinman DWA CAW Search Finals
2 Shaun of the Dead defeated Sherlock Holmes No Holds Barred match
3 Elvis Presley & Kenny Chesney defeated M. Bison & Zangief (c) Elimination Tag NoDQ Rules match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
4 Lance Burton defeated Spawn (c) Ladder match for the DWA Interstar Championship
5 Al Capone defeated Johnny Cage (c) and Apocalypse Triple Threat match for the DWA Championship
6 Nightwing is the winner Ruler of the Ring match
  • 4 - As per stipulation, Bison and Zangief lose so they are out of DWA
  • 5 - Lance Burton teleported Apocalypse out of the match.
  • 6 - Burton & Al Capone attacked Nightwing after the match.

Ruler Of The Ring results

Draw Entrant Order Eliminated by
1 Vega 13 M. Bison & MVP
2 Kharamel Khali 1 Vega
3 Jack Sparrow 3 Vega & Captain Un-America
4 William Regal 2 Vega & Jack Sparrow
5 Captain Un-America 4 Vega
6 The Anti-Flash 6 Fang
7 Victor Fang 7 Zangief & Kenny Chesney
8 Spawn 5 Fang
9 The Rocketeer 8 Zangief
10 Zangief 9 Vega & Kenny Chesney
11 Kenny Chesney 10 Nightwing
12 Nightwing WINNER
13 George Costanza 11 Nightwing & Shaun of the Dead
14 Shaun of the Dead 15 Nightwing
15 Ahmed Johnson 12 Nightwing & M. Bison
16 M. Bison 14 MVP
17 Elvis Presley 21 Nitro
18 MVP 16 Nightwing & Finlay
19 Elijah Burke 18 Nightwing & Sandman
20 The Sandman 19 Nightwing
21 Finlay 17 Nightwing & Sandman
22 Bobby Lashley 20 Nightwing & Inspector Gadget
23 CM Punk 22 Nightwing & Lance Burton
24 Inspector Gadget 23 Johnny Nitro & Shawn Michaels
25 Johnny Nitro 24 Lance Burton & Drew Carey
26 Lance Burton 27 Angle
27 Shawn Michaels 28 Nightwing
28 Drew Carey 25 Burton
29 Kurt Angle 29 Nightwing
30 The Butcher 26 Nightwing & Shawn Michaels
  • 28 - A promo for Seth Stern played before Drew came out.

Hardcore Madness

Ahmed Johnson (x2), John Cena, Creepy Pool Guy, JBL, Mankind, Gregoy Helms

DWA Ruler of the Ring recap

DWA Ruler of the Ring recap