Summer Heat
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Promotion DWA: DeMuro Wrestling Association
Date August 24, 2008
Venue Amway Arena
City Orlando, FL
Theme Song "Heaven's on Fire" by Kiss
Last Event DWA Interactive Insurrection
Next Event DWA Fall Brawl II

Well tonight is the biggest party of the summer for DWA. Coming to you live from Orlando, Florida, the DWA is ready to blow the roof off the Amway Arena.


Road To Glory Finals: Lance Burton vs. Niko Bellic

DWA Tag Team Championships: Kenny Chesney & Elvis Presley(c) vs. Wayne & Garth

Brand Supremacy Match: Destruction: Johnny Cage vs. Voltage: Spawn

DWA Electryfying Championship Ladder Match: Predator(c) vs. Mr. Kennedy

Last Man Standing Match: Vega vs. Apocalypse

World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage: Victor Fang(c) vs. Rocketeer

DWA Heavyweight Championship NODQ: Nightwing(c) vs. Lance Burton/Niko Bellic

# Result Stipulation
Preshow  Captain Murphy defeated George Costanza Singles match
1 Niko Bellic defeated Lance Burton Road to Glory finals
2 Wayne's World (Wayne & Garth) defeated Kenny Chesney & Elvis Presley (c)  Tag Team match for the DWA Tag Team Championship
3 Johnny Cage (with Sherlock Holmes) defeated Spawn (with Barry Bonds) Brand Supremacy match
4 Predator (c) defeated Mr. Kennedy Ladder match for the DWA Electrifying Championship
5 Vega defeated Apocalypse Last Man Standing match
6 Al Capone defeated Spider-man Singles match
7 Victor Fang (c) defeated The Rocketeer Steel Cage match for the World Heavyweight Championship
8 Nightwing (c) defeated Niko Bellic No Disqualification match for the DWA Championship
  • 2 - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man attacked Wayne & Garth.
  • 8 - Niko kept attacking Nightwing after the match but Captain Murphy saved him.

Hardcore Madness

Zombie Shaun, Ravishing Rick Rude, D'Lo Brown, Kane, John Cena, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

DWA Summer Heat Recap

DWA Summer Heat Recap