DWE Tag Team Championship

The DWE Tag Team Championship is a secondary championship teams. The first champion was knocked out Ninja Asesino that defeating the team mate of Clark Kent and Batman. The current champions are Jeff Hardy and John Morrison are in their second reign as a team.

DWE Tag Team Championship History

Name Date Won Active Days held Event Match Notes
Ninja Asesino 18/10/2007 44 days Hardcore Night II Defeated Batman y Clark Kent in the finals of the Tournament

'Brothers of Extreme'(Turbo y Extremo)

3/12/2007 369 days K.O Night Defeated Ninja Asesino 2-1 Handicap Match

Extreme Boys

(Jeff Hardy y Claudio Hardy)

7/12/2008 102 days



Defeated Brothers of Extreme,

T.P.E y Batman y Clark Kent

3-Threat TLC


'Brothers of Extreme'(Turbo y Extremo)(2)

19/3/2009 260 days House Show Defeated Extreme Boys
Vacanted 9/12/2009 32 days N/A Lession of Extremo
Steve The Giant y Red Ranger 24/1/2010 31 days Royal Rumble 2010 Defeated Extreme Boys

Extreme Boys

(Jeff Hardy(2) y John Morrison)

24/2/2010 40 days-Current K.O Night Defeated Steve & Red Ranger in Ladder Match

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