DWF Championship
Current Champion(s) Keller
Date Won DWF
Promotion(s) DWF RAW Brand
Debuted 1981
First Champion Dangerous Man
Last Champion
Longest Reign Dangerous Man
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Lightest Champion {{{lightchampion}}}
Heaviest Champion {{{heavychampion}}}
Youngest Champion {{{youngchampion}}}
Oldest Champion {{{oldchampion}}}

The DWF Championship is part of Dynasty wrestling franchise. It has been in existence (according to DWF) ever since DWF started it shows in 1981. There has been 36 Title reigns since it's induction.

Names of Champions before the YouTube Era

1. Lord Pistoia - 3 Time Champion

2. JT Money - 3-Time Champion

3. American Eagle - 1-Time Champion

4. Dangerous Man (DWF Legend) - 10-Time Champion

5. Troy Conroy (DWF Legend) - 7-Time Champion

6. Tithead - 2-Time Champion

7. Paul "The Punisher" Sexton - 1-Time Champion

8. Korey Oates - 2-Time Champion (Erased from DWF Record Books)

9. Nixon - 1-Time Champion

10. The Great One (DWF) - 2-Time Champion before YouTube

11. TimberLand (DWF Legend) - 3-Time Champion

12. Ace McKenzie (DWF Legend) - 11-Time Champion

List Of Champions since WrestleMania 2007

The Great One (DWF) (2005- DWF Judgment Day 2008)

Keller (DWF Judgment Day 2008 - 2008 DWF Draft)

The Great One (DWF) (2008 DWF Draft - DWF SummerSlam 2008)

Leonidas Gonzales (DWF SummerSlam 2008 )- Last man Standing )

The Great One (DWF Last Man Standing 08 - DWF Backlash 09)

Sir Magic ( DWF Backlash 09 - Sumerslam 2010)

TGO (SummerSlam 2010- Backlash 2012)

CM Punk (Backlash 2012-Royal Rumble 2013)

HBK (Royal Rumble 2013-Elimination Chamber 2013)

Keller((Elimination Chamber 2013- Present)


Even though he is technically a 4-Time DWF Champion, TGO is recognized on the show as a 2-Time DWF Champion.

Dangerous Man is not only the first ever DWF Champion, but his first title reign was the longest in DWF History, spanning almost a decade. He won the belt in a 10-Man Tournament on July 26, 1981, DWF's first ever show. He held it all the way until August 20th, 1990, when he lost it to the late Troy Conroy.

Leonidas Gonzales won the belt at DWF SummerSlam 2008, and is the only superstar in CAW Wrestling history to be able to say he was the WWE Champion AND the DWF Champion

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