Halloween Havoc 2003


* Jessica Simpson Defeat Avril Lavavine

  • Jessica Hit The Simpson Effect to Retain the Women's Championship'

  •  Ryu & Ken Defeat Guile & Kim Possible to win the DWF Tag Team Championship'
  • Johnny Cage Defeats Al Capone To Win The DWF Hardcore Championship

Cage Hit The Shadow Kick To Win

  • Buster & Arthur Defeat JK & Joel
  • ' 'Goku Defeats Sonic To Retain The DWF Championship

Goku Pins Sonic After The Dragon Screw

Halloween Havoc 2008

  • "CJ" Carl Johnson Defeats Sherman To Win The DWF US Championship
  • Liu Kang & Johnny Cage Defeat Jake & Milo To Retain The DWF Tag team Championship
  • Britney Spears Defeats Terra To Win The DWF Women's Championship
  • Zangief Defeats Nemiesis
  • Maden.Corp Defeat Money Inc.(Taj,Seymour and Danny)

After The Match,Scarllet Spider Returned By Attacking Andrew Maden

  • Al Capone Defeats Tonmy Vercetti To Retain The DWF Championship

Danny Phantom Debuted by Confronting Capone