DWF Smackdown
Dynasty Wrestling Franchise
Established 2008
Based Unknown
Active 2008-Present
Style Original CAWs
GM Michael Esquire

DJ Wentworth


DWF Smackdown is the second brand of the Dynasty Wrestling Franchise. It was introduced in 2008 because of then-owner Ric Flair's idea to include the new breed. After the 2008 DWF Draft, Smackdown had it's first roster.

The Beginning

DWF Smackdown debuted in the time skip. After a few weeks, Smackdown finally appeared on Youtube.

Present Day

Smackdown Roster

"The Great One" TGO

Paul Sexton

Kyle Wells

The Big Charz

Sir Magic

Leonidas Gonzales

Rob Aitken

Kirby Niles

American Eagle

E. Martini

Tommy Skywalker

Jerrelle White

Jordan MacDermott

Jason MacDermott

Olimar Pierce

Colin Pierce

Yung Mike

Christian Paul

Wong Feyung

Ty Mysterio Jr

Factions/Tag Teams

Pirce Bros.

Yung Ones.

E. Martini and Rojin Anko

The Macdermott Boys


DWF Smackdown Staff

DWF Smackdown GM: Michael Esquire

DWF Chairman: DJ Wentworth

DWF Smackdown Play-by-Play Commentator: Marcus Steel


DWF World Heavyweight Champion -

DWF Global Champion  - "The Big Musle" Rob Aktein

DWF Super Smash- Ike

DWF Tag Team Champions - E.Martini and Rojin Anko

DWF Divas Champion - Brie Brie

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