DWF United States Championship
Current Champion(s) Vacant
Date Won DWF Backlash 2008
Promotion(s) DWF SmackDown! Brand
Debuted 1993
First Champion Vinnie Dynamo (Lord Pistoia)
Last Champion Sir Magic
Longest Reign TGO
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The DWF United StatesChampionship is part of Dynasty wrestling franchise. It has been in existence (according to DWF) ever since 1993. This championship has helped launch the careers for such legendary superstars such as TGO, Keller, JT Money, Lord Pistoia, Troy Conroy, American Eagle & Phy among others. There has been 46 different reigns and 23 different championship since the belt debuted in 1993

Names of Champions before the YouTube Era

1. Lord Pistoia - 2 Time Champion

2. JT Money - 4-Time Champion

3. American Eagle - 1-Time Champion

4. Demolition Matt Williams - 2-Time Champion

5. Troy Conroy (DWF Legend) - 1-Time Champion

6. Tithead - 5-Time Champion

7. Keller - 1-Time Champion

8. Korey Oates - 1-Time Champion (Erased from DWF Record Books)

9. Phy - 3-Time Champion

10. The Great One (DWF) - 8-Time Champion

11. TimberLand (DWF Legend) - 1-Time Champion

12. Anthony "The Snake" Williams - 1-Time Champion

13. Acid - 1-Time Champion

14. The Demon Boy - 1-Time Champion

15. Perfect Koehler - 2-Time Champion

16. J-Bregg - 1-Time Champion

17. Spade Penn - 1-Time Champion

18. Torres - 4-Time Champion

19. Bryan Reaper - 1-Time Champion

20. Harry Pewter - 1-Time Champion

List Of Champions since WrestleMania 2007

1. Sir Magic (Summer 2007 - DWF WrestleMania 2007)

2. Zippaman (DWF WrestleMania 2007 for only 5 minutes)

3. Paul "The Punisher" Sexton (DWF WrestleMania 2007 - DWF Backlash 2008)

4. Sir Magic (DWF Backlash 2008 - Today)


-Zippaman's 5 minute reign is the shortest reign in DWF History

- The US Championship has specialty matches made just for this mid-card belt. The Monsters Ball is done only once a year and is only for the Unted States Championship. Every WrestleMania since 2003 has had a United States Open, and it is tradition that the main event of DWF's Great American Bash CPV's is a US Title Match.

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