DWF Vengenace 2009
Promotion DWF
Date N/A
City New York, New York

DWF Vengence 2009 is an upcoming Click-Per-View which will be produced by The Dynasty Wrestling Franchise. It will feature CAW Superstars from The DWF RAW brand. It currently has 9 matches on it's card.


6-Man Battle Royal

DWF X-Divison Championship

Christain Paul Defeated Lord Pistoia, Mike 'Most Valuable Perkins', Shaun Bylthe, Heartbreak Blythe & Oddjob

Singles Match

Connor Omaley Defeated Perfect Koehler

Tag Team Match

DWF World Tag Team Championship

The Black Hardys Defeated The Bloodshederz

First Blood Match

Paul 'The Punisher' Sexton Defeated Tokojin

Singles Match

DWF Women's Championship

Keri Killjoy Defeated Xandra Ford

Triple Threat Match

DWF World Heavyweight Championship

The Great One Defeated Leonidas Gonzlaes & Jon Cena

Ladder Match

For Kelly Kelly's Contract

E.Martini Defeated Glenn Schulz

Singles Match

DWF King Of The Ring 2009 Final

Keller Defeated ACP

No-DQ Match

DWF Championship

Sir Magic Defeated Zippaman w/ 'President' Barack Obama

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