DWF World Championship
Current Champion(s) JT Money
Date Won DWF SummerSlam 2008
Promotion(s) DWF SmackDown Brand
Debuted 2008
First Champion American Eagle
Last Champion JT Money
Longest Reign American Eagle
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The DWF World Championship is part of Dynasty wrestling franchise.

How this Championship was made...

During the 2008 DWF Draft, SmackDown! GM, JBL drafted Keller, who was the DWF Champion, first. Shane McMahon would draft The Great One and set up a title match that saw TGO defeat Keller to bring the DWF Title to RAW, leaving SmackDown title-less!

JBL would make a new World Championship for his show, and at DWF No Mercy, a SmackDown-Only CPV in March, American Eagle would defeat Keller to win the new belt.

American Eagle is the first DWF World Champion in history, as he defended it successfully, albeit with help from Money Inc. (DWF)

JT Money won the belt in DWF's first-ever Elimination Chamber Match, beating Keller, American Eagle, Benny Hahl, Raze & Lord Pistoia to do it.

List Of Champions

American Eagle (DWF No Mercy 2008 - DWF SummerSlam 2008)

JT Money (DWF SummerSlam 2008)

TGO  (Armagedon 2008)

Tyler Wells (No way out 2010)

Kyle Wells (Wreslmaina  2010)

Tyler Wells (Judgment Day 2010)

Kyle Wells (No Mercy 2010)

Andy (No Way Out 2010)

Kyle wells (Night of Champions 2011)

Kyra (Smackdown 2010) (First Diva to win the world title)

Kyle Wells (The bash 2011)

Becca (Sumerslam 2011)

Dana (No way out 2012)

Valerie (Wreslefest 3 2012)

Kyle Wells (Backlash 2012)

Lex (May 5th 2012 Smackdown)

Kyle Wells (Extreme rules 2012-Today)


Behind the scenes in DWF, the SmackDown Brand and the DWF World Title was made so that guys like Keller, JT Money & American Eagle can be World Champions without having to make TGO give up his DWF World Title. It is expected that the World Championship will change hands more times on SmackDown! then the DWF Championship will on RAW.

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