"The Man"
Names Dan Danials
Height 6'3"
Weight 263 lbs.
Born March 30, 1979
Birthplace Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Resides Green Bay, Wisconsin
Billed from Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Trained by Jayfatha
Debut 2009, April

Dan Danials is a wrestler from Rockin' Championship Wrestling Alliance.


On the very first episode of RCWA, he tagged with Retro and Ronnie Wildon against Duke Terry Taylor, Jumnambi, and Jason Greyhound, with Wildon gaining the win for his team.He was injured on april 23 riding his motercycle, so retro took his place in the RCWA Zero-G Championship tournament. He should be back May 22.

Wrestling Facts

Wisconsin Driver (Belly to belly reverse piledriver)
The Man Bomb (Gasno Bomb)
The Temple Crash (Backflip kick)
Standing Dragon Sleeper
Danials jumps onto opponant's shoulders, spins around, and hits a hurricanrana pin
Tilt-a-whirl arm drag
Tumbleweed (rolling thunder)
Single leg Boston crab
Running STO
Cobra Clutch
Argentinian backbreaker rack into a sidewalk slam
Knee drop with theiretics
Crash Course (Crusifix powerbomb)


"Bullet with a name"- Nonpoint

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